Our Story



Inspired by the idea that our companion animals give us steam in our lives, Steampup Nation is a jewelry boutique for the whole pack that is built on the principle of supporting organizations that promote animal welfare. We make pet ID tags, necklaces, earrings and rings in sterling silver, gold and bronze.

Our designs are inspired by the connection we share with our animals, by nature and by the steampunk aesthetic. Steampunk is centered somewhere within the past, present and future; and that’s how we view our own experience in the world: in one way or another we are always in all three places at once. Steampunk is the connection.

Connection is at the heart of Steampup Nation. Connection between us and the animals we are lucky enough to share the planet with. Nation is in our company name because we believe we are all—from the dog and the butterfly to the cat and the horse—one nation under love. It is essential to us that we give back to the larger animal web by funding projects and charities that make the world a safer place for those who need protection…from us, from neglect and abuse and from the changes we have foisted upon the planet we call home. We always donate a portion of proceeds to an organization working for the betterment of animals. Please check our homepage for the current donation recipient.

The Steampup Nation family includes our own animal companions—Deborah’s dogs, Puppy Paul and Lucy, and Allen’s dogs, Bridget and Bueno. It includes the amazing caster Donald Lanzer of Lanzer Creations and our remarkable videographer and storyteller Kirsten Russell of Basically Films. It includes bench jeweler Amy Hickey who can see a gnat on an elephant and our amazing stone setter Richard Boyce. It includes our pet photographer Cate Goedert of Cate Goedert Photography who inspires us every day with her work on the behalf of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. It includes our spouses, Ann Reuland and Gary French, without whom life would just be terrible.

We welcome you and your animal companions to Steampup Nation. And we’re suckers for family photos, so please share yours with us as you collect our designs.

Together we can make a real difference in the way animals are treated while also sharing beautiful jewelry.

Welcome to the pack!